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The Christmas tag

The lovely Amy from the blog Fleur du Belle tagged me to do The Christmas tag. Which I was all biz about because I was actually looking to do a Christmas tag. But I couldn't find any, so a huge thank you to Amy for the tag.

What's your favourite Christmas movie?
I could give a list of all of the Christmas movies, but if I had to give you one. It would be The Grinch, I love The Grinch. I can't believe I haven't watched this year, I must fix that stat. Because that doesn't sit right with me lol.

Favourite bloggers

It's been a while since I done a post all about bloggers I've been loving. Sharings caring after all. I'm going to share with you a post for you to check out, as they are some of my favourites

Lauren the Daydreamer
Lauren is a fellow Irish blogger, who I've talked on twitter for ages now.  So when I finally got around to meeting her back in March, it was so lovely when you meet people and you just click straight away.  Lauren's photography is amazing, just go look through her Instagram feed and her blog. If she could teach me her ways that would be great. She hits the nail on the head with her post all about social media and the pros & cons, we're so addicted to our phones and social media. Everyone should definitely check Lauren's post out.

Post to check out

This time next year tag

Last year during Blogmas, I took part in the 'this time next year' tag. And I thought it would be fun to do a little update and set new goals for myself.

Here's a throwback to my first blogosphere magazine, this time last year.
Last years goals,
I want to still be blogging. 
I will have upgraded my phone. 
I will have lost a bit of weight. x2/3 which isn't too bad but tbh could've down a tiny bit better. But it didn't happen and that's that, no point in dwelling about is there.


2017 has been a weird year in general, so much has happened. Good and bad. So I want to share with you a few of my favourite moments of the year. We all have our bad times, trust me so believe you me. Not everything this year has been 100% fine, I'm in one now so I'm going to shut up. And let you have a sneak peek into my 2017

First foreign holiday
I went to Tenerife for the first time this year, it was definitely one of the best things I done. Just to get away from everything for a week. I'd definitely go back to Tenerife in a heartbeat, even though I did get sunburnt but it was well worth it.

The undo list

Guess where I first saw this? Pinterest, obviously. The undo list is basically stuff you want to stop doing, to undo so to speak. 

Stop procrastinating  
I start something but I'm very easily distracted by everything. Go tidy my room, I'll be napping in a half hour. Write a blog post, I'll start watching TV or YouTube. It's great. I need to improve my life lol. I need someone constantly nagging in my ear to tell me to do stuff.